Monday, March 7, 2011

If you give a nice gal a blog...she's going to have to be a little b!+chy

Sometimes being a b!+ch is all a blog has to hold on to...

Ok, this one is sort of a retroactive post. It probably should have been my very first blog, but I was more inspired to write about other things at the moment. And doing things a bit messy and disorganized is way more my style. So you are getting me, as me. Lucky you...
A lot (ok, really just a few, but I am sure more will follow suit) of friends have asked in the past few days, Why a blog ? (who knows) Why now? (read and find out) What inspired you? (I will tell you) I was discussing blogging with a couple of college friends who were just beginning brand new blogs. One mentioned that the toughest part for her was coming up with a name for her blog. Immediately a blog name (you know what it is, it's right up there) popped into my head. Later that night I began to think maybe I should snag the name just in case I ever decided I wanted to blog. Not too shockingly it was available. Apparently the combination of a childrens' book format and a dirty mouth had not yet occured to any others. Phewww! But then, a few hours later, I could not stop myself from writing. It slipped out. And now I keep oozing.
I really did not think blogging was something I would ever do. I had a challenging experience a couple years back where I was on the wrong side of someone's blog and it did not go well. I was upset and responded accordingly and at some point accused the writer of only "accepting meaningless accolades from like minded readers." A notion I completely understood the moment I typed my first words as a blogger (the title) and not a bloggee. Thus, some disclaimers: I will be over the top at times, I likely will offend someone with my humor/grammar/spelling/disorganization/outspokenness/profanity/writing style/adorable twinkle in my eyes/etc. And if you do not like tweens/teenagers/nannies/small children/water/gay people/women/me (perish the thought) or hearing about tweens/teenagers/nannies/small children/water/gay people/women/me, then this blog is not for you! I may even be snarky and sarcastic and rude. But I will try not to go too far with others feelings and I will try, try, try to be accepting of feedback that is not always "Wow, Shari, you are the greatest!" though I hope there is some of that too...

Oh and two more things (see, messy)...
1) Blog intended for mature audiences only (c'mon, look at the f'n title, dumbass!)
2) There will be many, many, many parenthesis (I just can't write without them!)
oh make it three things...
3) Any resemblance to people living or not (well they probably don't mind) may or may not be intentional. But I think it doesn't really matter, since this is my blog. Right???
4) (Oops) and lots of ... cuz I love those little dots!


  1. Wow, Shari, you are the greatest! But I actually mean it!

  2. Shari.. as always you deliver the humor and I love that you are so upfront and honest. Just keep on blogging, blogging... just keep blogging, blogging (think Nemo song....!). You were born to blog.. seriously you have what it takes!!

  3. Shari, you're a great writer, witty and funny, two things I look for in a blog ;)

  4. Hey Shari.. you've got a large (larger than mine!)following so far. I just stumbled upon this today and have been having a blast with it. You might want to check it out. I'm trying to grow my community and didn't know what to do.. this is great way (sounds like I'm growing a garden...and I never did have a green thumb!). Have fun:)

  5. As a seasoned blogger, I must say that I'm enjoying reading--keep it up & ultimately the blog is really for you so who gives a flippin' bleep what others' think! But any blogger will tell you that when she sees a comment it's like Christmas in July! So here's my contribution.

  6. "Wow, Shari, you are the greatest!"

    I really mean it ! XOXO J

  7. Very well-written! You have found your medium. How do we advertise your blog to others?

    May I suggest . . .If you give a girl some fabric . . .

  8. I guess you could post a link on your facebook page (Jackie does this at times) or e-mail link to those you think would be interested. Guessing I have a limited target audience, but any help is appreciated!

    Anne, do you think my mouth might be too much for your mom bloggers club???

  9. You are always my most amusing facebook read, why not blog girlfriend!