Saturday, March 5, 2011

If you give a gal geek a smartphone...

A gal geek and her smartphone are not soon parted...
Yesterday morning I was in the middle of a few facebook and text conversations when I really needed to get my act together and get ready for work. I started running the water for a nice hot shower, but found I was quite hesitant to leave these conversations on hold while I actually got into the shower. Which (of course) led me to instead post two more facebook statuses 1: "C'mon geeks, I really need a smartphone that works in the shower!" and 2: "Hate that awkward period (my entire life) when you are geeky enough to want something, but not geeky enough to invent it." The second one I actually posted from in the shower, but PLEASE do not tell my wife this or she will get me the help I need! So, I'm thinking I might be a little too attached to this phone. By the way, it's totally awesome and can do everything and I love it and it takes great pictures, and has swype and direct links to youtube and facebook and twitter, and, and, and...
I started to notice that I might be having a problem last week when X brought home more detailed info about a field trip I had signed up to chaperone and I noticed the clause  "Smoking at any time during this trip is prohibited (easy breezy, I can totally do that part) and cell phone usage should be limited to emergencies only." I immediately began thinking this trip may not be for me and can I really last an entire day of 'quality time' with my child (and several other first graders) without my crutch, my closest pal, my confidant??? And what constitutes an emergency anyway? What if I see something really funny and need to post a status before I forget it, is that an emergency? What if a friend texts and asks me what I'm doing later/needs a favor/wants to know what the dress code for a restaurant is/needs to know where the closest Chipotle is/wants to know what I think about Brittney Spears, are those emergencies? Or, what if someone I barely know posts something great and I need to "like" it (oh crap, I won't even see what people are posting?)
I should have known things were getting out of hand when I tossed and turned all night after booking our summer vacation. The night of booking I posted this: "Feeling so brave, booked a one week summer stay at a campground with no wi-fi! I heard they have trees and stuff though." And by morning I had completely chickened out (not really, there were other reasons, I promise) and begged Cyn to cancel that campground at a $35 penalty to us. Later that week we re-booked at Jellystone Park where there is free wi-fi in the cabins! Of course I would have my phone with me anyway...
Sooooo, please help (don't really) I am addicted (but like it that way) and really need an intervention (no I don't, I'm fine!) Thank you so much for your concern (leave me the f alone!)


  1. I dunno Shari... I think it might be time for a Smartphone intervention... or a 12 step program for Smartphone-a-holics! Oh what the heck... you seem fine with it and able to handle it... so I say "I'm OK, You're OK!!". Just make sure you keep it on the down low (or is it low down?).. whatever... on the big fieldtrip day:)

  2. I'm watching you .... always watching you ...

  3. OMG! You do NOT need (I don't want you to have) an intervention! How the hell am I going to get through Tuesday without you being allowed to use your cell? I'm hyperventilating here!

  4. If you made it a week without Donna you'll barely notice me being gone for a day. Cyn said at breakfast this morning that she thinks we, meaning I, should only use phones during certain hours on our summer vacation. I agreed, but started shaking immediately.

  5. I went for over a week with no internet... you could do it too! We need to step away once in a while so we taste it fresh and new now and then!