Thursday, March 3, 2011

If you give a Charlie Sheen a marriage...

For so many (in Hollywood and occasionally elsewhere) the marriage formula = marry, (sometimes child,) cheat, divorce, mistreat, repeat. and repeat. and repeat. (not necessarily in that order)

I kinda like Charlie Sheen. And I actually feel really sorry for him, especially with all the added pressure of being in the limelight while he is currently in train wreck mode. But all this talk about Charlie, his marriages and his other 'relationships' keeps bringing to mind the opposition to gay marriage. Really? Seriously? This guy can marry who he wants and we cannot because we will damage the fabric of straight marriage. Guess what, if that's your 'fabric,' better grab the moth balls because some of you guys (no, none of you personally, of course) suck at it! 

A few (three, well six, well three couples) of our gay friends have recently gotten married in DC soon after it became legal there. So far I don't know any straight folks (ok, maybe poor Charlie Sheen, but I am thinking that may be unrelated) who have had their relationships impacted negatively by these gay marriages. In fact I am quite sure most of our straight friends now have improved marriages because of these gay unions, I notice they are kissing and holding hands more, several were recently able to conceive after years of trying and almost all have recently had financial windfalls. Oh, I know, I am just being silly, we couldn't possibly have that kind of impact on other peoples' marriages. Hmmmmm.

Anyway, all I am saying is give gays a chance (isn't that a song?) We couldn't f it up too much worse. And don't we deserve to be 'bi-winners' too?!?!

Oh and just in case that whole gay marriage bill thingy doesn't work out, does anyone know where I can 'hire' a goddess (or two?)


  1. Come on Maryland pass the bill already! I could really use a financial windfall and when I do I can thank Shari and Cyndi:) And shucks.. I'll take a little hand holding and kissing too (from Mike of course sillies!).

  2. we just got civil unions in Hawaii, you are so far ahead of us but we'll catch up~ inspired, love your writing, and the wallpaper rocks, too ;)

  3. Thanks for mentioning us on your blog! When are you and your honey going to get hitched?

    By the way Charlie Sheen is clearly bi-polar and in an manic stage. I know I don't have a degree in psychology--but it is so obvious to me.

    Love you!

  4. Jen - Are you applying for the goddess position or do you mean about your recent nuptials???